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  • My 2015 Trek World Review
    I was lucky enough to be one of the employees selected to attend the 2015 Trek World Expo.  Our company sent the General Manager, store managers and myself to the event in Madison, Wi and Waterloo, WI.  I was really...
  • Meet the All New Trek Stache 5, Stache 7 and Stache 9
    Trek Bikes recently released the 2016 Version of the Trek Stache – The Stache 5 ($1760), Stache 7 ($2520) and Stache 9 ($3880).  Last year’s model was a 29er and was lost in the line up between the Marlin, X-Caliber and...
  • Electra Bikes makes the some of the coolest bike cruisers in the industry
    Electra bikes have always has a sense of style and purpose.  Every Electra bike is built with this in mind.  Electra has been building the best cruisers, comfort and commuting bikes for over 20 years.  Electra uses...
  • The all new Bontrager Ballista Aero Road Helmet
    Bontrager recently released its long awaited Ballista Aero Road helmet.  The new aero helmet is named the Ballista which derives its name from the ancient Greek weaponry designed to hurl projectiles a great distance – in...
  • Local Pro Triathlete Derek Kidwell wind tunnel testing at A2 Wind Tunnel
    Written by Charlotte Triathlete Derek Kidwell April 15, 2014 I recently had the opportunity to visit Cool Breeze Team sponsor the A2 Wind Tunnel right here in Mooresville, NC.  Back in December my wonderful wife Alisha...

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