Arizona High School Cycling League

The Arizona High School Cycling League was organized in 2012 to provide competitive mountain biking programs for students in grades 9 to 12. With the cooperation of local race organizers, our partners, and our sponsors we are able to provide a high quality mountain racing experience. We believe that mountain biking is the ‘T-Ball’ of cycling.  Regardless of ability level, the Arizona League is committed to providing a positive experience for all student-athletes.

Matt Fritzinger, a teacher at Berkeley High, founded the League with the 2001 NorCal High School Mountain Bike Racing Series. As the coach of the Berkeley High team he saw that a school team could succeed, but that competition would be required for it to thrive. In the first series mountain bikers from schools all over Northern California answered the call and came to compete as semi-organized high school teams. Now well over 50 California schools offer well organized mountain bike programs and is spreading to states all over.

Focus AX 2.0 Cyclocross Bike Review

Focus AX 2.0 Cyclocross Bike weighs 21.5 pounds without pedals

The US Natioanal Elite and U23 National Champions ride Focus Cyclocross Bikes.  The Focus Mares AX 2.0 Disc Cyclocross bike gives you the chance to ride a cyclocross bike just like the champions ride.  The Focus Mares AX 2.0 Disc’s frame shares the same low, slack geometry as the company’s high-end race bikes.  The AX 2.0 is an aluminum cyclocross bike with a solid build kit and a price tag that's within the reach of cyclists who want to give cyclocross a chance.

A big advantage of disc brakes in cyclocross is consistent braking performance in all conditions regardless of whether it is wet or dry. We know that the cyclocross season is in the winter when the weather is at its worst and the Tektro Lyra mechanical disc brakes performance will not degrade in those wet and muddy conditions like rim brakes. Disc brake equipped bikes like the Focus Mares AX 2.0 also have greater mud clearance around the wheels and that will keep your bike running smoother during your cyclocross race. No more racing with an extra 5 pounds of mud on your bike!

2012 Crossroads Cycling Classic

Cool Breeze Team Member Mike Byrd at 2012 Crossroads Classic

Here is my Race Report from the 2012 Crossroads Cycling Classic.  The Crossroads Classic is 5 days of racing – 4 Criteriums and  1 Road Race.

The first race was the Cabarrus Creamery Criterium in Concord, NC.  The race is on a short 4-corner course and is very fast.  The key to this race is to get  a good start and try to stay near the front.  I managed to do this even though I missed my pedal.  I had to wait until I was through turn 1 to get my foot clipped in.  After that, things went pretty smoothly.  The race was 45 minutes long and I managed to stay near the front for most of the race.

This year I was able to do two races the weekend before, the High Point Classic Criterium on Friday night and the Hanes Park Criterium on Sunday.  Usually I hit Crossroads ‘cold’.  With the previous weekends racing, I had good legs for the Concord Crit. I was able to move around the group pretty easily so long as the guys in front of me weren’t checking up.

2012 Charlotte Motor Speedway Time Trail Race 4

Warming up at the Charlotte Motor Speedway Time Trial Series

August 15 was the 4th Time Trial of the Charlotte Motor Speedway Time Trial Series.  It was also the night for the Team Time Trial that is raced once a year.

I was originally scheduled to start at 7:15 but a nice thunderstorm came through right at 6 and the start was delayed by about 30 minutes.  I have been riding pretty well so I was hoping for a good time.  I had a decent warm up around the inside track but was having a hard time staying motivated during my warm-up which is usually a good sign.

I started my time trial about 7:45, 15 seconds after my teammate Jasen Taylor.  So i had a rabbit to chase.  I started off and tried real hard not to over do it.  I saw Jasen on the backstretch so that gave me a little momentum.  I also noticed my speed was well above 30mph which meant that we had a tailwind on the backstretch and a headwind on the uphill front stretch - never a good sign.

I caught Jasen at the end of the first lap.  I was feeling good and my first lap time was 2:53 which put me on a good pace.  Now if that
would have only lasted.  My second lap was 2:59 which was good, but not a good sign for what the next 5 laps were gonig to be.  I noticed that the wind was picking up and i was struggling going into turn 1.  I usually don't have any problems with turn 1.

Managing the Half Ironman Taper

Post Image: 
Coach Sarah of Betera Coaching at Time Trial

This is a guest post from Coach Sarah Matchett, Head Coach at Betera Coaching.

If you’re headed to Beach to Battleship this year then race week is almost here. The key for the final 10 days of training is to remember that you are not going to gain any fitness by adding extra training. Instead, your taper strategy should focus on increasing form by actively decreasing your fatigue.

2013 Charlotte WSTS Race Lap Video

Charlotte Winter Mountain Bike Short Track Series

The Cool Breeze/Trek Bike Store cycling team went to Renni last week and pre-rode the 2013 Charlotte Winter Short Track Series Course.  Neal added some extra to the laps which goes through the grass on the gravel road side of the course.  It's going to break some legs!

These are my first GoPro Videos so I hope the music doesn't bother you too much.

This video is of the complete lap:



Here are some hot laps with George and Travis of the Trek Bike Store of Charlotte



2013 Charlotte Winter Short Track Series Race 1

Charlotte Winter Mountain Bike Short Track Series

January 13th, 2013 was the first race of the 2013 Charlotte Winters Short Track Series.  I raced the Sport 40+ class and finished 2nd in my race.  I created some videos of the race.  It was great to be able to ride in 65 degree weather in January.

GoPro Video 1

Took this video of my first lap of the 2013 Charlotte Winter Short
Track Series (WSTS).  My plan wasn't to go this hard, but I rolled off
the line pretty good.  You can see my teammate Andy Good next to me for a
couple seconds.  

This is from the Sport 40+ race.

My lap time was 3:54 and my fastest of the day.  I ended up 2nd in the race and am looking forward to next week.




GoPro Video 2

Published on Jan 17, 2013

This is my video of the Sport 40+ Charlotte Winter Short Track Series (WSTS) race number 1. I managed the hole shot and led for a couple laps until Steve Fish took over. He put a hurting on me for the rest of the races. There are several parts of the video where you can see me struggling to hold on to his wheel.

Sorry about the music, my library is limited and I'm still learning how to create videos with my PC. The video is long but it gives you a
good idea of what our race was like.